The Creation of Box Head man.

One day Jim was just walking down the street to Box-O-Chicken box factory. Let me tell you a little bit about Jim. Jim’s full name is Jimothy Jay Cosmo. He lives in Yew Nork City and is a senior at The High School. He’s a really good inventor, scientist, and a karate expert. He saw a guy’s finger get run over by a car and fall off. (this guy later becomes Scotch Finger.) When Jim finally got there and walked in, an alarm went off. An announcement came on over the P.A. and said "Ahhh! There’s a bomb on a box making machine and it’s going to explode any minute!". Jim ran as fast as he could toward the door, but clumsily tripped. As he was getting up, a box fell on his head. But this was no ordinary box… it was radioactive! Thus creating… Boxhead Man!

Jim didn’t know what to do. He decided to help people get out. As he was helping one man get out, the ceiling broke open. A man of meat and a man of vegetables flew through the hole. The man of meat kicked Jim away and the duo helped the rest of the people get out, except for Jim. Jim slowly got up and got out just as the building exploded from the bomb that was scotch taped to a box making machine. After Jim got out, he noticed that the box was stuck to his head.

Tune in next time box-headers, same box-time… same box-place!